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padstow mayday Padstow Obby Oss May Day celebrations begin early morning with the stable doors opening to let the Oss appear onto the narrow streets.

helston floral danceHelston Floral more properly called the Furry Dance is one of the oldest surviving customs not just in Cornwall but in the whole Country.

john knill John Knill Day St Ives consider yourself very privileged to witness first hand this delightful ceremony held every five years on 25th July,

summer solstice Cornish Midsummer's Eve Bonfires As the last glimmers of the setting sun strike the now still Cornish Moors,

may day May Day Celebrations more about both the May Day Obby Oss and the Helston Floral Dance- old Customs from Cornwall

mining Mining in Cornwall despite the romantic notions portrayed by so many of the Cornwall Holiday Tourist Brochures of today, the life of a Cornish miner was a hard brutal one.

mousehole lights Mousehole Xmas Illuminations join the villagers in their very special Christmas Celebrations

trevithick Trevithick Day watch the celebration of his life. See the sights, sounds and smells as the steam engines climb Camborne Hill.

winter-solsticeWinter Solstice see how the residents of West Cornwall mark the passing of the shortest day

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