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Cornwall UK Sea Angling

From sea fishing off the beach to wreck fishing for large conger or bass

Sea angling cornwall
Charter fishing boat out of Boscastle

A deep sea angling trip in a Boat

fishing tackle Whether you fancy an hours mackerelling in the still calm of a summer evening, available at many of the resorts, including Looe, St Ives and Mevagissey even Newquay. What about a longer trip? Say 4 hours deep sea angling off the reef, or even an all day wreck fishing out of Padstow or Boscastle, both on the North Cornwall Coast, there's plenty of choice.

cornish-mackerel Some boats even supply angling equipment. Species include: pollack- caught on feather; conger and pouting on mackerel strip; if you are very lucky bass and cod in the autumn, and even flatfish such as plaice or skate on the patches of sandy ground between the reefs off the North Cornish Coast. If it is a really hot summer there may be even delicious black bream around.

Shore Fishing from the Beaches, Headlands and Cliffs

pollack On many of the headlands the water deepens quickly and rock dwelling sea fish such as cuckoo and ballan wrasse are to be had. That is if you have the skill to prevent the initial dive once the fish takes. Small crabs are an ideal bait for wrasse. Many of the headlands of the Cornish Coast have good marks from Logan Rock Porthcurno in the far southwest to Trevose on the north coast of the County. Many of the best sea angling fishing marks involve a long walk and a stiff climb. There are some celebrated bass marks in the County.

Fishing and Sea Angling Safety

Regrettably every year anglers lives are lost by either being swept off rocks or loosing their footings. Locals as well as visitors. There is no such thing as a freak wave.

fish red gurnard

Sea Fishing in The Estuaries and Harbours and on the Piers

fishing-boat Though many anglers only retreat to the shelter of the estuaries and harbours when its too rough to fish the open sea, good fishing is still to be had, especially on an incoming tide on a winters night. For example in Winter both the Looe and Fowey Rivers hold very large flounder. Out of the main tourist season fishing is sometimes permitted from the Banjo Pier at Looe. If the gates across the Pier Entrance are shut you are not allowed to fish from the Pier. Equally regardless if they are open or not and the weather conditions are bad you should not attempt to fish. Sometimes pollack venture well up the Looe River looking for scraps under the fishmarket, providing great sport on light float tackle on cold winter nights.

A string of mackerel
out of Boscastle

To Contact K Cave of Tel +44 (0)1288 353565 or book at The Rock Shop Boscastle Tel +44 (0)1840 250527

For details of fishing trips from 2 to 8 hours mackerelling, reef, or wrecking contact Atlantic Fishing Tackle, branches at Helston (tel. 01326 561640) or Porthleven (tel. 01326 561885) . They stock sea and coarse and fly tackle, maggots, and tickets too.

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