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crabber A couple of miles along the Cornish Coast east of Lizard Point is little Cadgwith with its thatched cottages, and white washed houses, where the crabbing boats are still pulled up the beach by wire rope and winch. Trip hazards so take care. Even in high summer of a Cornwall Holiday season off the beaten track and delightful. Cafe, art galleries, a pub too.

cornish cove In summer the village comes alive with events such as gig racing day when up to 20 gigs are launched from the beach. Did you know that a gig is a 32 foot long clinker built 6 oared rowing boat with a 4 foot 10 inch beam, and all are based upon the dimensions of the Cornish Pilot Gig “Treffry" built in 1838?.

cadgwith cove Sheltered from the prevailing westerly winds, once home to several fish cellars, still a working harbour where men go to sea in open boats. Fishing for crab and hand lining for mackerel. Boats pulled back up the shingle beach by capstan winch, though now powered by electrictricity not hand. Do not trip on the cables and net gear.

Stroll out on the Todden for views down onto this picturesque and unspoilt scene. Follow the coast path around to Black Head. Or head west towards Lizard Point, looking down onto the Devils Frying Pan a collapsed sea cave, (though some say actually a Roman Tin Mine) as you pass by.

At Christmas the villagers make a special effort to decorate the Cove with Xmas lights, even a cross on the Todden in memory of two fishermen that lost their lives.

cadgwith cottage Cadgwith Cove cottages. Stay at the Cadgwith Cove Inn, over 300 years old, yet still today full of character. Do not miss the folk singing often held on a Friday night with the renown Cadgwith Singers.

There is no car parking in the village, but a large and often little used car park at the top of the valley a short walk away.


Follow the Coastal Footpath east to Coverack a village with a granite walled harbour and yet more thatched cottages. Or west to Lizard Point.

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