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Cornwall Beach Safety

Being Safe on Cornwall's Beaches as on any other is only commonsense


Beach Safety
Be safe.
Donít swim alone.
Do obey lifeguards.
Donít drink alcohol and swim.
Don't venture into the water in rough seas.
Donít take inflatables into the sea.
Do observe warning flags and notices.
Donít leave small children unsupervised.
Do be considerate to others on the beach.
Do be aware of likelihood of rip currents.
If in doubt stay out!! Don't get cut off by an incoming tide.
Donít sit on rocks where large waves may break.
Do swim on one of the many lifeguard-supervised beaches.
Do check tide times and beware of risk being stranded.
Donít sunbathe or walk under cliffs or near cliff edges and unfenced drops.
SLIP on a T-shirt or blouse, SLOP on sunscreen (at least factor 15) and SLAP on a wide brimmed hat.

During the Season nearly all the popular Cornwall beaches, and many off the beaten track too, have lifeguard patrols.