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Cornishlight What to expect if you have a web site of your own The hit myth As we have mentioned elsewhere on these pages the Web is full of hype and the use of confusing statistics and one should be particularly wary of Other Web Sites quoting hits, where an hit is one single file download. One person looking at a single page on some web-sites may generate 30 hits. A web-site with say 30,000 hits a month may only be having 10 or twenty people a day looking at it. Some web site designers, not Cornishlight, deliberately put lots of images and clickable buttons on to their pages just to boost the "hit rate". Some very unscrupulous people feed their Clients the hit figures for their site, never bothering to explain to the poor Client that visitors numbers are not the same thing. Now you have read this you will be wise to that. Ask the web- site "how many unique hosts visit your site in a day?"

Be wary of large database and phone book type listing's sites. Cornishlight was featured as 'Site of the Month' on such a Database type Site and got one visitor a fortnight from them. Before placing an Advertisement on any web-site ask them how many people a day are likely to look at your page. Using the widely used Industry standard figure that each visitor only looks at say 2.5 pages, what chances are there of them of even reaching your page on some web-sites let alone staying around to look at it?. You should ask something like "...how many unique hosts a day are likely to look at my page should I advertise with you?"

In the case of most you will be surprised how few. What chance do you think a visitor has of ever reaching your page amongst hundreds sometimes thousands of others? There you may be competing with that of everyone else in your Village, Town or County. Database's assume that a person knows exactly what type of accommodation they require and in what location. Human nature is to be flexible and to like to browse. That is difficult with a database. The other problem with being listed on such database or phone book type sites is that people tend to enquire of several establishments so that the chances of yours getting that booking are reduced.

Success stories from here in Cornwall. A hotel in Newquay with its own web site is getting hundreds of visitors a week. The Isles of Scilly Travel Company offers booking through its web-site. Many accommodation providers now rely solely rely on the Internet for advertising. We would however heed caution "do not put all your eggs in one basket", and “past performance does not indicate future performance” to quote two well known phrases.

No one can promise you will get millions of visitors to your site, very few do. Forget 'the potential to reach millions', possible yes but HIGHLY unlikely. 10 visitors a day to your site from the Search Engines is reasonable, for targetted search terms in demand such as 'cornwall cottage' or 'holiday in cornwall' often far less. Why do we say only 10 visitors a day? We have now seen so many log files and site counters from Other Sites that we know it to be true. Its not in either Your or Our long term interest to claim that your web-site will get millions of visitors a day from the Search Engines alone when we know it to be improbable. However if you were self catering accommodation and only one visitor a month to your Site actually made a booking you'd be delighted.

By working hard to get it listed in the Directories, advertising on other portal Web-Sites such as Cornishlight and by traditional methods such as newspapers or the trade press, it is possible to increase visitor numbers sometimes dramatically, until in the case of Cornishlight your site gains a life of its own. People will want to exchange links with you, the UK Portal Web-Sites will ask to you for a link from your site, the crawlers will send traffic to you, word will spread both locally and on the WWW that 'here is a site to look at'.

Cornish Light is getting thousands of visitors per month, from all over the World at all times of the day and night. Many are repeat visitors a sign of a healthy site. Though to quotes hits can sometimes be misleading Cornishlight had over two million hits in 1999, only a year after it was launched. Not bad for a site on Cornwall, largely composed of photographs, albeit nice and unique ones. “Past performance does not indicate future performance”. How many other Cornwall web-sites are getting more than 100 hits a day let alone real visitors?

Pay per Click Though Cornishlight does not use pay per click to promote any of its sites, nor is it likely to do so, some mention must be made of pay by click. As of 15th June 2003 consider the following terms in Overture (Overture's results feature as paid listings on several search engines):
'cornwall cottage' top bid 78p, second 36p, third 33p
'cornwall holiday' top bid 66p, 62p, 41p, 38p. Interestingly bids on the 29th July 2003 were half those figures.
More recently Google Adwords offers a similar service, but we are not party to bid figures, and even if we were we could not disclose them here. Clearly some very well known local businesses think it worth their while to use pay per click promotion and have no doubt carefully thought out their advertising strategy. All we ask is how much is it costing them to attract visitors to their web site?

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