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abbey-gardens Tresco an island of contrasts, from the heather and gorse covered north often battered by gales, to the sheltered and subtropical paradise on the southern side of the Island that is the Abbey Gardens.

Tresco Abbey Gardens. Take a tour with one of the so enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides. Built by the merchant banker and avid plant collector Augustus Smith, Tresco is one of the World's greatest gardens. Protected from the winter gales by high walls and windbreaks of Monterey Pine. A subtropical delight, with plants from all around the Globe. From succulents to banksia to date palms. Don't miss the Valhalla Collection of ship figureheads.

king-charles cromwell Having a Scilly Islands walking holiday? Why not explore the Island. At New Grimsby is the New Inn. One of only a few pubs in Cornwall listed in a Michelin Guide. Having eaten some of the most mouth-watering food you will find anywhere your taste buds will tell you why it has received such a rare accolade. North of New Grimsby is Cromwells Castle a three story artillery tower, and the ruins of King Charles Castle. Walk along the west coast, south to Pendel Bay beach hence to Carn Near- the low tide landing for boats to the Island.

How to get to Tresco. Take the Scillonian or Skybus to St Mary's with a launch connection to the Island. Else take the helicopter for a direct flight from Penzance. If you are staying in one of the delightful cottages, or the Tresco Island Hotel you might fancy a day trip to Bryer or one of the other inhabited off Islands.

Finally one last tip for visiting the Island. Do not underestimate the time it will take to get from the Gardens back to the launch, no matter how pleasant the 1 mile stroll stroll to the high water landing at New Grimsby might be.

Bryer, St Martins and St Agnes.

turks-head st-agnes Visit St Agnes. Though some make a beeline for the Turks Head with its fine selection of real ales, there is much else to see and do. A working community- flower growing like tourism is one of the main sources of income where you are likely to meet a tractor in the lanes, on the way back from the launch bringing supplies to the Island. When the tide is out walk across the causeway to Gugh for superb views across the often crystal clear cobalt blue waters of Porth Conger.

St Martins best remembered for the long expanse of white sand making up the beaches of Great Bay and Par Beach, two of best beaches in the Isles of Scilly, and its rugged northern coast and the far seeking views from Chapel Down and Tinkler's Hill.

bryer Bryer, less than quarter of a mile from Tresco across the beautiful expanse of New Grimsby Harbour. Boats land at either Anneka's Quay or Church Quay depending on the state of the tide. In winter storms often pound the west coast Hell Bay truly deserving its name.

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Tresco The "Last Piece of England" where cars are banned, where there are never crowds and the only sounds are the waves and birdsong.

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