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Tweet Whilst we recommend raising your social media presence by writing a blog, or gaining a following on Twitter, and friends, or likes on Facebook, this should be based on trust and recommendation by a human. Services that offer to gain you thousands of machine generated followers, likes or friends for a fee will be regarded as spam, and could well adversely affect your search engine ranking. Equally if you already have a well respected social media presence and you suddenly get a flood of dubious friend requests we suggest you block them immediately.

As with a dog, and a web site, your social media profile is for life, not just Christmas, do not forget to keep it fresh, and regularly add new content. We politely suggest to you that what you want is a trusted and loyal band of followers or friends that are interested in what you are saying or offering, that have active accounts and will for example re-tweet your tweets, not a army of thousands of disinterested, inactive users, or worse machine generated and thus spammy links. Both Twitter and Facebook are pro-active, seeking out and deleting accounts they think are spam - your well respected brand does not want to be damaged by association. Think about it.

Cornishlight YouTube Youtube. Mention must be made of Youtube, not the darktube as derided by some newspapers. Used carefully Youtube can be a highly effective way of marketing your business or publicising your product. Even with a short video clip taken on a shaky handheld camera can generate thousands of views - consider this surfer riding the Cribbar. (With over 13,000 views as of March 2013.)

Professional shot video can really strengthen your appeal. Even a series of well taken photographs merged into a slideshow, suitable captioned can generate a lot of interest. Why not create your own http://www.youtube.com/user/cornishlight channel?  Flickr is also an ideal way to show off still images.

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